AVG VPN review

AVG Secure will protect your privacy on the network by hiding the actual IP-address of your computer and your current location, without letting the websites you visit, collect information about you. The program redirects all your traffic through one or several servers scattered around the world, and also encrypts all transmitted data, providing safe and anonymous Internet surfing. In this AVG VPN review here, we will try to focus on all the aspects.

The program is easy to use. The main window shows the current status (protected or not), as well as the current location. If necessary, you can select a different location (country), the program offers a wide selection. There are not many settings in AVG Secure VPN and those that do allow you to customize the behavior of the program. For example, it can be configured to automatically activate the connection when connected to an open Wi-Fi point (without a password). Plus, the program can’t start up on Windows startup and display various notifications.

This program has a number of advantages: it encrypts traffic, protects privacy on the network, and most importantly – allows you to bypass regional restrictions imposed on some websites.

With AES-256 encryption on OpenVPN, you get military level security that you can trust for all your bank and credit card transactions. AVG Secure uses certificate authentication and OpenSSL to ensure that your connection is secure. They also claim to keep no records, making AVG a good choice for privacy.

Many of those who are already using an AVG product will be happy to see a VPN belonging to a company they trust. However, users should be willing to pay a little more than the best VPN services currently available on the market. Users should also keep in mind that AVG Secure comes as an optional service and will require a separate license; with your existing AVG license, there is no coverage for this VPN.

AVG Secure has a seven-day free trial version and a 30-day money-back guarantee, but you will need to enter your payment information before downloading. There are two payment methods available – credit cards and PayPal, without the possibility of using cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin.

The service is available for all major platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. AVG allows you to connect P2P to eight servers located in Prague, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Miami, New York, Seattle, São Paulo, and London. Although you can install AVG Secure on an unlimited number of devices, you can only use the connection for five of them at a time. The service has a premium support service, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Although this VPN is designed by a large brand, it lacks some basic features such as kill switch. If you want to be truly anonymous on the Internet, you just need a kill switch to make sure that your IP address is not “lit up” on the sites you visit. In general, this is a good VPN that can protect you when you connect to a public network and protect you from unwanted consequences when you access the Internet as a whole.


AES-256 bit encryption

Support for OpenVPN

Famous brand

Phone support 24/7

Seven-day free trial version and 30-day money-back guarantee

Connection up to five devices at the same time

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