TOP Malwarebytes Reviews from Reddit Users

In this article, we will tell you whether Malwarebytes is worth your attention based on reviews from users of Reddit, the most popular social news site.

Is Reddit worth trusting?

Choosing an antivirus is a responsible and difficult task. Inexperienced or not knowledgeable in modern technology people have some difficulties in choosing an antivirus because of the huge number of them and the desire of each company to impose their opinion.

This is where social media platforms such as Reddit come in, where users from all over the world will be happy to talk about their experiences, as well as give their subjective opinions based on their knowledge.  

Malwarebytes reddit reviews are the most useful way to learn all the information and intricacies of Malwarebytes.

Malwarebytes key features 

Malwarebytes Antivirus was released almost 15 years ago, and at that time the principle of its work was completely different. But just recently, this antivirus has started to gain popularity again due to the rise in interest in antiviruses. 

Hacker attacks and multiple hacks have increased tenfold over the last few years, and the global economy has lost more than $100 billion, so it’s not surprising that people rushed in search of the most reliable software against cybercriminals.

If we are talking about Malwarebytes, this antivirus is not very popular yet, but it has still been significantly improved and has shown excellent results according to valid tests.

The reviews of Reddit users about this antivirus are divided into two factions: some say it is the best free antivirus possible, others say it should not be messed with. But for the most part, all reviews are positive. So its key features are:

  • Significant improvement in performance

Previously, Malwarebytes could not be installed as the main protection, it was always downloaded together with a more reliable antivirus. Now it is quite a standalone program that provides reliable protection.

  • The program has three types of scanning

Threat Search. Checks the most likely areas of infection, such as autorun programs, memory, and the registry.

Scan with user preferences. Allows the user to select the files and folders to be scanned.

Quick scan. Performs a quick scan of the memory and autorun programs for malware.

  • The program has a simple, convenient, and efficient design

The only drawback can be considered the lack of additional functions, which may not please many users, so this fact will make them think twice before installing the antivirus. And this is quite understandable since other programs provide users with other useful functions for the same money.

How to best use Malwarebytes

According to most Reddit user’s opinions, the best way to apply this antivirus is to use it together with Windows Protection. This is beneficial for many reasons. First, both programs are free and do a great job. 

Secondly, you provide yourself with an excellent level of support and constant software updates, which makes protection even more effective. Also, do not forget that double protection is much more reliable.

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