Best Dog Camera

There are several best dog cameras any owner has to consider when choosing. In the review below we are submitting the best cameras you can choose now. 

Standard EYENIMAL Dog Camera

The new version of the EYENIMAL video camera intended for recording a dog is the hi-tech equipment. By means of the video camera it is possible to find out everything about life of a dog, even when it is on the street. Thanks to the system of fastening on a collar of the dog and a baseball cap which is included in the package, the dog and its owner are ready to any situation. The strong and waterproof camera will accompany them in the most fascinating adventures. 


– the waterproof camera – 3 modes of a video: constant, when the dog moves, when the dog is not mobile 

– battery service life: till 2 1/2 o’clock 

– a flash memory of 4 GB (with a possibility of expansion) 

Cats and Dogs Eyenimal PetCam

A great way to save in memory an adventure of your favourite dog or cat, to learn about its opening, finds, to write great and small pleasures of their life. 


– battery service life: till 2 1/2 hours

– flash memory of 4 GB  

– weight of 35 g 

– resolution is 680 x 480 pixels 

– built-in microphone 

– compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Windows 7, Vista, MAC OS 10, Linux 

– sizes 60 x 45 x 15 mm 

– 1 year of a guarantee


  • very simple in use
  • sound recording by means of the built-in microphone
  • the clip of fastening allows to dress the camera on standard collars of cats and dogs

 GoPro Fastening cameras

Unique fixture from developers of the best GoPro action camera! The fastening of GoPro Fetch Dog Harness created directly for fans of dogs will reliably hold the camera on a breast or on a back of your pet. It is executed from specialized belts and a flexible support, allows to mount 2 cameras at once. 

Will be suitable for the majority of breeds as it is expected the weight of your pets from 7 to 54 kg, it is regulated quickly and without efforts, adapting to the necessary size. The accessory is safe for your pet, does not constrain movements in water and on the land, allowing to run and frolic comfortably to your dog as usual. Care of a product is extremely simple – wash it in the washing machine with use of normal detergents, or clean manually.


Researches of the GoPro company say that 9 dogs from 10 do not make attempts to be exempted from fastening, only some refused to walk in front of an action camera. It is worth buying fastening of GoPro Fetch Dog Harness on a dog to each owner of pets to look at the world with eyes of your animals.

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