Scanguard Review 2019

In tests, the Scanguard  antivirus software entering this packet of Internet safety of Mac blocked 97% of samples of malicious applications with which were tried to be used to infect Mac computer revealed. It easily identifies trojans, spyware and worms and guarantees that they are not implemented into your system. It also perfectly blocks the aggressive extortioner. Nevertheless, it is not so good at detection of threats of Windows which sometimes flee by Mac computers. While malicious applications of Windows do not influence Mac, you can inadvertently send threat to the user of Windows through file exchange, e-mail messages or a chat.

Scanguard  is a set of the best programs of the company which is specially developed for Mac computers with the interface which works in many respects as iOS. All programs of Internet safety of Mac are in one folder, and you can select what of them to open, set and use. You do not need to install all programs in a set, but they offer the most security blanket when all of them are used together. In addition to Scanguard includes the:

  • NetBarrier
  • WashingMachine
  • ContentBarrier
  • Personal Backup programs

Modules of Scanguard Review 2019:

NetBarrier is a personal firewall which monitors your Internet connection and what connections are transferred between your computer and the Internet. The washing machine helps to clean the computer, deleting not used programs and updating the software to the latest version. ContentBarrier Intego contains parental control which allows you to set time limits and to block dangerous content for your children. And Personal Backup — the excellent tool for protection of confidential files and programs on the Internet in case your computer will be infected or will fail.

One tool which Intego is absent is safe viewing. This tool warns if you try to visit the site with malicious URLs, loadings or phishing schemes. The majority of web browsers have this function, but our tests of browsers show that though their safety features impress and are useful, there are some more threats for Mac and Windows which still get. That is why we consider that an anti-virus software should include the safe instrument of viewing. Intego — the only thing the software tested by us for safety on the Internet which has no own settings of the safe browser. To receive this function, we recommend to look at the standard of safety Norton as it is closest to the price of Intego and turns on similar instruments of protection.

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