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Browsers extensions are usually the last thing the average person thinks about while browsing. The argument is they don’t really matter and they don’t affect what is going on in the browser. However, this is as far from the truth as it gets. From inbuilt extensions to external ones that get installed with or without your approval, these tools affect you directly or indirectly. And you don’t necessarily need to start counting the costs before you do what needs to be done.

An example of an extension that might be on your browser without you realizing is the Avast SafePrice. This extension is basically an add-on that pop-up on your PC every time you browse, once it’s installed on your browser as an extension.

What is the Avast SafePrice?

This is a browser extension that comes with software from the Avast software company. It could come with the antivirus or the cleanup software. During the process of installing these software packages, it comes as an extra feature in one of the stages. Its installation can be easily avoided by not ticking the checkbox beside it. The checkbox naturally will be ticked as they want you to install the extension. However, if the extension has already been installed, the only solution is to remove it as an extension from your browser.

What the Avast SafePrice does?

This extension can be categorized as adware. It smothers your browser with various pop-ups and ads that could frustrate your browsing experience once you are shopping online. The company claims that the purpose of the extension is to assist you to find cheaper and trusted vendors to conduct your business with. Also, it is a means of helping you save time as you can have the best deals offered to you through this adware instead of having to search for these deals yourself.

The extension records and transmits your data transmissions with the company’s server which in turn check for the best deals and help you get favorable prices. Personal information is stripped off before the data is transmitted into the company’s servers making the information completely anonymous.

A lot of people are uncomfortable with an extension that steals their information. That it uses it to provide relevant ads with your shopping experience counts for little as it regularly interrupts the way you browse. Also, it can enact a couple of changes to your browser without your authorization. It could change the default homepage of your browser, change the custom search engine, and even update any of the Avast software packages on your PC.

The culmination of all these results in many people wanting to get this adware of their computer. The process of removing the extension can be done in different ways.

How Can the Avast SafePrice Extension Be Removed?

Once you have decided to get rid of this extension, you can go through two methods:

  1.    Through the Browser;
  2.    Through the Control Panel.

Different browsers have different ways of getting extensions removed from the. A rather radical approach is by resetting the browsers. This applies to all the browsers and restores them to their normal state without any external extension. However, if you are after just the Avast SafePrice, go to the settings of the individual browsers and find extensions or add-ons. You can easily disable the extension there.

With the control panel option, all you have to do is locate Apps & Features. Look for Avast SafePrice in Apps & Features and uninstall the adware.

Congratulations!! Your system is SafePrice free.

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